Universal Pocket Exposure Calculator
In 1982, I bought a Minox III and thought it was great except for one thing: it had no meter, and even my smallest meter was so much bigger than the camera that it kind of defeated the purpose.

So I designed this business-card-size exposure calculator to use with it. It basically includes the information out of the Kodak film sheets, but adapted so that it works with any film speed from ISO 1 to ISO 1000.
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(For best results, make the folds before you cut out the window opening and they'll come out straighter)
How to retrieve it:
First, open Microsoft Word. Now return to this page, right-click on the image and save it to your desktop. Using the "insert/picture" command, insert the file from your desktop into a blank document. Adjust the size to whatever you like by clicking on one corner of the image in the Word document and dragging diagonally until you like it. (Note: It was designed as a business-card size, but this makes for small lettering if your eyes are getting older like mine - anything up to pocket size is good). When you like it, save the document so you can print out another one if the first wears out. Now print it!

[Note: Some versions of MS Word let you use the cut/paste command for this; some don't seem to work well that way.]

Using it is pretty self-explanatory once you get used to it.

PS: I know this isn't very pretty - the main reason I've never redone it is that other poeple have, and they've done a very nice job of it. For a better-looking job of the same idea, try one of these links:

Dave Harris' Expo-Mat

Andy's Handy Exposure Calculator

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